How to earn assistantship during a Master’s program?

The conditions of receiving assistanship vary from school to school. In order to apply and be accepted for an assistanship, you first need to be accepted into the school and show academic success.

While your past experiences carry importance during your application, every department and teacher may have different criteria.

Because of the limited quota of assistanships and high demand, there is an intense competition for assistanships. If you have a plan on getting an assistanship, do not be afraid to fill out the related parts on the application forms. Although there is generally a more suitable environment to earn an assistanship after coming to the United States, there are many people who have received assistanships before their arrival. Some schools may look at your GMAT or GRE scores along with your university GPA. Additionally, your work experience and resume may be important.

After sending your application forms, sending an email to check the status of your application may increase your chances. Americans love people who follow up on their applications.


After starting your education at your school you may continue to seek assistanship. Every term many assistants graduate and positions become available. Having good relations with professors, following closely on the availability of assistantship positions and keeping your GPA high will all affect your chances of receiving an assistanship.

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