Check Your Financial Condition

You should take any factors into consideration while deciding if education in US is suitable to your budget or not. Many students undersestimate their expenses before coming to US.
Make sure you carefully plan a budget for your education and living expenses. Plan for 3-4 years for a university education, 1-2 for a masters and 3-7 for a doctorate.

If you don’t have sufficient financial sources, you should search for scholarships or assistanships. %75 of foreign students in the United States cover their expenses from their own countries (personal resources or scholarships). You can also contribute to your budget by working while continuing your education.

The 3 major expenses are:

School Expenses:
In US, the college tuitions differ greatly depending on school. Besides the tuition you pay to the school, you must keep in mind miscellanous expenses like the costs of books. It’s hard to guess your expenses for one academic year, it can vary from $10,000 to $50,000 with an average is around $30,000. Best way to obtain accurate information on shool expenses is contacting the school directly.

Living Expenses:
Living expenses show difference from person to person based on their lifestyle and also based on location. But if an estimate is to be given, we can say to expect at least $6.000 for each academic year. You can obtain information on living expenses by contacting schools in which you are interested.

Hidden Expenses:
Hidden expenses include unexpected situations and expenses which don’t come to mind immediately. The amount that should be set apart for health problems, the effect of changes in the currency rates, the costs of visiting the home country during vacation and extra expenses like insurance fees when it is necessary to buy a car should be kept in mind while making financial plans.


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