Applying to the schools you have chosen

Once you made your decision on which program you want to attend, it’s time for application. You should contact 10-15 schools you have chosen to request an application package at at least one year before. The application packages contain brochures, application forms and detailed information about school and the programs they offer. If you are interested in applying for assistanships, you should start your attempts at this stage. After your request, it may take 4 to 6 weeks for the application package to be received.

Requesting An Application Package
Generally, you can request application packages via e-mail or regular mail. When making your request include the name of the department or person who deals with the application proces besides the address of the school. For some schools it may be necessary to introduce yourself briefly while requesting the package. The information you will provide can include your name as it appears on your password, place of birth, contact address, citizenship, academic background, program you are interested in, test scores and English proficiency level.

Necessary Documents For Application
You must start preparing the necessary documents after you have received your application package. This process is not easy and may take a serious amount of your time. Carefully fill the documents and follow the instructions verbatim. Do not wait for deadlines to apply, the most ideal time framework is 2-3 months before deadline. If for any reason you can not provide any of the documents requested, explain the reasons in detail.

Save a copy of all the documents you sent and take notes on which date and which address you have sent them to.

The required documents for application :
• The application form of the school
• A transcript and approved copies of your diploma and approved English translations of these documents
• TOEFL test results or the English test results from the school you are appling to
• A document which shows your financial state (Bank note)
• Letter of recommendation
• Compositions
• Resume
• Application fee

After completing the Application
It may take months for schools to evaluate your application. During this time, you can work on completing your missing documents like test scores and letters of recommendation. You will be contacted if an additional document is needed. Once the evaluation process is over, the commission responsible for admissions will make their decision and contact you.

At this point, among the 10-15 schools you have applied for, you can be admitted to more than one school. In this case, you need choose one of them and notify the others as soon as possible that you will not be joining their program. As your admission is official, you start your visa application preparations.


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