Important Warnings

Although it is comfortable for the most part, traveling with an airplane has it’s discomforts. A way to decrease discomforts is hidden in small details. Space restrictions: Since many airlines limit the space for economic class, it is recommended that you travel in a window or a corridor seat. If you are tall, it will be more comfortable for you to travel in a corridor seat. We recommend you reserve your seat while purchasing your tickets. Flight ilnesses: Your body reacts to continous movements with nausea. If you are affected easily from movements, we recommend you take medication before the flight. You must also pay attention to what you eat ahead of time. blade and soul gold Air quality: The air you breath inside the airplane does not carry the same characteristics as the air outside. The cabin receives compressed air because of the high altitude. This air is rather dry. We recommend you take one or two bottles of water with you. Heat: Because of the high altitude, inside the airplanes, especially near the floor may be cold. You may request a blanket while traveling to maintain a comfortable trip. Noise: It is rather noisy inside the airplanes. The motor sound combined with the films in old-type planes may increase the noise level. It will be advantegous to take headphones with you to the plane. Food: Although airlines generally try to keep their food service in a certain level, food quality may be affected because of of the food’s preparation time being long before the flight. If you have an eating problem, for example if you are a vegetarian or a diabetic, you should let your agency know during ticketing and confirm during check-in. If you have an allergy to certain food, you may bring your own, keeping mind the customs restrictions. Do not board the airplane hungry and definitely take something with you to eat during your trip. Fear of flying: You may overcome fear of flying by researching on the safety and backup systems of the airplane and also by flying frequenty. However, never get drunk to overcome your fear of flying. bottes ugg pas cher Jet-lag: If you change your regular sleeping habits because of the time difference, your body will react. You may help the adaptation process by watching what you eat. It may take a day to fix an hour of discordance. chaussure nike pas cher Going east will cause more jet-lag than going towards west. Flight cancellation: In some cases, you may not be able to make the planned flight. Airlines may compensate for a cancellation which is their fault and if necessary provide accomodation if a stay is necessary. However, if a flight is cancelled due to circumstances which isn’t a fault of the airline like bad weather conditions, you will have to take care of yourself. air jordan en soldes Pets: You may take your cat, dog or bird by complying to certain conditions. new balance First of all, specify during reservation, make a reservation for a cage and learn the conditions. Many veterinarians are against giving tranquilizers to pets during the trip because of it’s side effects. Baggage choice and clothing: An appropriate sized baggage, hand luggage and choice of clothing will help make your trip more comfortable. Do not forget that quantity and size of hand luggages are taken into consideration instead weight for Atlantic flights. Keep your baggage locked. Do not lose your baggage tags and write your name and address on them.

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