Every year millions of American children maintain the century old tradition of packing their bags and participating in summer camps throughout the country. An Unchanging American Tradition There Read More

CampUSA Accommodation

In general practice, participants will own accommodation terms which are offered by the possibilities made available by the management, where the participants take role as a trainee. In Read More

CampUSA Camp

Although working at the camps can be both a rewarding and fun experience, it is not a vacation for camp consultants or support team members. At times the Read More

CampUSA Camp Types

Choose any of the 8 different camp types: Summer camps have been scattered throughout the United States. Some of them in are located in rural areas and some Read More

CampUSA Job Selection

There are a variety of positions at the camps ranging from general camp consultants to private camp consultants. Which job selection is the most suitable for you? Your Read More

CampUSA Fields In-Demand

Handicrafts, waterfront, certificate fields, land sports, performing arts, support team, support team office. Fields marked with a (*) are fields with a high demand.   Handicrafts Tie-dye Rocketry Read More

Camp Counselors USA

CCUSA, the biggest camp organizer in the United States has placed more than 100,000 students from sixty different countries to more than 1,100 different camp zones. CCUSA possesses Read More